Fotomar S.A. is a Chilean company founded in 1980. In these 36 years of experience, the company has been able to adapt and maintain itself as a leader in the industry, offering its customers a complete mix of products and services representing the leading brands of the world.

From the very beginning, the company has demonstrated a great innovative spirit and a clear capacity of adaptation to the technological change that has faced the photographic industry throughout the years. This has resulted in being able to always offer products of the latest generation from their prestigious represented brands.

Currently, Fotomar S.A. has more than 30 lines of products and represents major world brands of the photographic industry such as: Fuji Film, Sigma, Mitsubishi, Steiner, Unibind, Lowepro, and Metz, among others. Also, Fotomar has its own brand (Soligor), where you can find excellent alternatives of product lines such as binoculars, telescopes, digital frames, tripods, beside other products. All our brands can be found in our diverse retail expressions around the national market. Additionally, the company has a store in the Free Trade Zone of Iquique and exports to Bolivia, where it also represents companies Fujifilm and Mitsubishi.

Fotográfica Fotomar S.A. has a wide and varied portfolio of clients which includes specialized photo shops and department stores, corporate clients, regional photography chains, professional photographers and many others. In this manner, its products can be found in a varied mix of stores and clients. The commitment of the company with its consumers is to provide them an excellent service of pre and post sale, one which they emphasize their competence in technical service.

Fotomar S.A. through its subsidiary Forestier S.A., also manages a network of own and franchised stores, under the trademarks of Mi Foto and Konica Minolta, being the current photographic chain with the most digital installed laboratories, as well as a network of photo shops with the greatest coverage throughout Chile.

All this is complemented by the recent launch of the new website (May 2016) (www.mifoto.cl).